Tuesday, November 10, 2009

While My Child Sleeps

Written by: the heart of AmandaLyn


I watch lovingly as my child sleeps
Wrapped in blankets warm, secure
Roof and shoes, bellies full.
Reality the calm disturbs
In dangerous and different world
Another son makes sacrifice
Soul or limb or still-young life
His mother waits in pride and fear
As my child sleeps.

Around this bed, in wispy realm
The souls of those who daily chore
To stand a watch, to lead patrol
To guard the weak, protect, defend
To stay the course until the end
As their children slept.

And what of those once there, now home
The horrors, torments they have known
Still borne by them, in dreams relived
For us endured, courageous fear
Now tossed aside, unheard, uncared
Still they cannot sleep.

Our nature true is eye for eye
Each baby born must some day die
But learned minds their cross to bear
To fight the fight not just for might
To earn the right, Before in
Ivory tower sleep.

Forgive me please, I beg of you
My words won’t salve tormented soul
Or broken hearts those mothers know
No peace of mind can I provide
Just deep respect and thankful prayer
I wish you peace and restful sleep

To you a promise I will make
This blanket comfort we will not take
For granted, he will know its source.
And if, dear God, he heads a call
That issues I hope from honest ivory hall
We both will trod in footsteps deep
Where slippers paced, where boots have trod
My head held high, in secret cry
As he, in fearful courage fights.

But until then, with blanket clutched
I’ll stand the watch, you have my back
As my child sleeps.

To All Who Served

Today and everyday, my heartfelt “Thank You” for all you gave, for all you braved and for the unquestioning pride which you served with.

You served with pride , reserved resolution

Full of courageous fear

Freedom you sought for faceless humanity

Some by force of a draft

Shipped out at night to land of unknown

Wearing prententious mask of bravado

Force of arms to kill, maim or scar

Creating memories you’d wish to forget

Often not questioning the voice of command

Some came home with medal awards

Others shipped back in a box

Limbs left behind as a token of hell

For a conflict not yours

Mission complete

Our business is done

Return to your life, as if

Come home to strange land

Deal with your haunting ghosts

We’ll give you a check

Send you off on your way

How do you come home and pick up the pieces

When life is no longer the same

Your blackboard of life won’t erase from your mind

Years have gone by in months at a time

“Who am I now” asked of self

Family and Friends know not of your fright

For they have not looked through your eyes

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Soul is but a Passing Tide

I remember that day
held the child close,
not just a hug
a part of me
I remember that day

Funny thing, the sun
up every morning
down at eve
ever try to hug the sun
I did, that day in may
those things held tight
don't let go,
you can ride your bike
no worries child you'll get it soon
there you go, you got it now

first days are much the same
school house strange
yet warm soft rooms
a hint of some strange smell in child
oh Lord don't let those days divide

as said before oft true and tried
the soul is but a passing tide
yet as we mourn that day divide
old sun rises sure as love's soft smile
down it goes in ever more
to find that child
hugged by the sun

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lost in Profound

Uncertain of shadows cast by my soul, I follow,
listening for the call
crawling through complicated obscurity ,
message unclear,lost in profound cause.
Incomplete mission, in search of equivocal ending
Conflicted oppression colliding with reawakenings of lives lived past
Constant uncertain purpose, checking for prints left by burdened shod
Turning back for part of the path, signs of direction unseen
Quick to change direction back to future, wondering always
if the questions cloud the answers sought

Friday, October 9, 2009

Without a Shadow of Doubt

Collaborated by : AmandaLyn and Paula

All aboard, find a seat
Watch and learn
He won’t be beat
Expert in the craft of pity
With tales of woe, downtrod and gritty
that feed a paranoia profound
with vanity he's surly found
Search for intentions, interpreted wrong
he sits, sulking, with face so long
Scraps of dignity, shards of pride
in desperation, cast aside
looking for validity
Yes, please do
pity me

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'll Call Tomorrow

Casual friends , schoolyard mates
Almost related beyond the heart
Years and miles separate memories
Of laughter shared, yesterday
You come to mind often
I tell myself, “I should give Bill a call”
Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll find time
An article, you’ve done well
Military career, a wife, a child
Happiness spread across your face
Christmas cards sent, short notes penned
“How’ve you been? Where have you lived?”
Not enough of these catch up calls or notes
Telling myself, I’ll call tomorrow
A month of tomorrows turn into years
Today , I phone , ready to hear
What has taken place in your life
How’s your career, your kids, your wife?
“ I’m sorry to tell you, Bill’s passed away
He went in his sleep just yesterday”
How did this happen, too young and fit
I should have called that long ago tomorrow
I should have made time,
Before the sorrow
Forgive me friend, I know it don’t count
I thought of you often
I’d call ,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We The People

Sinful indulgence at the cost
of we the people
Blind to your ability to bait
and switch with each cast
of the rod, fishing for votes

Speaches filled with humor
and promises left unfulfilled
will we the people never learn
spinning the bottle to elect
bringing forth the same outcome

Denial is a pretty blanket in
which to hide ignorance
We the people can no longer
blame bureaucrats for our dismay

when we put the welcome mat out

when we hide in black holes of self pity

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dreamlike Musings

Look at me while whispering promise of anticipated felicity
I’m trancelike, wrapped in the ecstasy of your mind, should I attempt escape
Like gentle moans, off pursed lips of lust
Dreamlike musings of vacant touch, reaching my sheath, begging for satisfaction of
Tongued eloquence.
Wanting need, heard in rhapsodic oration
I’ll await your linguistic chariot, to carry me where my lordly realm has ventured
Longing for jaunted journey , feeling your gentle ,torturous evil ways
Come quick , yet slow
Satisfy my thirst
Anoint me in your hunger

Monday, September 14, 2009

When is it time exact for death to role its loving eyes

Written by : Elwood Jake

when is it time exact
for death to role it's loving eyes
to children young and old
who simply do as God fortold

why fear that which is
a passage blessedto soft requite
where time is no aged clock
but simple love in arms sweet hold

Instead as time was sweetness pudding

Written by : Elwood Jake

there was sweet time
once when softness ruled
lives were not as absinth's bite
nor full of lusts dark despite

instead as time was sweetness pudding
children ran in soft remission
no cancer strike or heathen's blow
but that soft and simple thought
my love please hold me
warm and true

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Master's Hand

Written by: AmandaLyn

The door creaked open, a gentle groan, sent a bell tingling.
It was a step back, opening a memory, a journey through time.
Hardwood, dust, oil and wax, scents of ages past, did their part,
Lifted spirits from cracks and crannies, set them free to roam
In one corner, in the back, he sat
Guitar on his knee

Strings gently humming.

Quarter-sawn oak, beveled lead glass, polished brass clasps
A woodcarvers canvas, chiseled roses and vines entwined
His inspiration? Love? Pride? It showed with each cut
A masterpiece true, Crowned with a finial fine
He sits gently strumming
A song on his lips
A serenade so befitting

Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa men have named you A masterpiece, canvassed lady with mystic smile She danced in the room, waltzed past mildewed books Chipped tea sets and treadle machines long forgotten, Ancient love’s labors Now cold and lonely

Works of art.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

References, I need to see references

Written by Elwood Jake

references, i need to see references

would my soul do sir?
your soul, what do references have to do with such trifle
it is my heart sir
for the heart and the mind
they do live in the same place you know.

references, i need to see references

here, i have this small medalion
would that do sir indeed
the color purple is not
just a book i have heard
it said

references, i need to see references

would my soul do sir?
it would if i could hold it and fold it
as paper is said to do

references, i need to see references

i sir am told that folded souls
can make the need for those
that ask for such things as you do
sweet substitue for such as you require

referneces, i need to see references

oh lord i stand before you now
without but such
that made you me
i ask in simple, slight, pious tone
my references dear lord?

i left them on a field with friends
that did not wish to see me leave
but as you said so was it done
my soul my mind my heart
they stand before you now
such references that you ask
as i said you took me quick
so they dear lord lay sodden wet
on field that holds my comrades hearts

references, i need to see references

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ancient Paths Well Trod

Written by Elwood Jake

old man fiddle
dark brown,she sings soft hymns
as he plays deft tune
from the heart of

ancient paths well trod
music of what not wants
fills the road well travelled
it speaks to us of life

and death, flower pots'n kitchen tables
filled with warm soft sprinkle love
you know, that kind oft saught,
seldom found

old man fiddle
dark brown, she sings soft hymns

as he plays deft tune

Monday, June 15, 2009

I looked for you Today

I looked for you today
you went away

Not far from thought,
nor from the heart
but gone from sight

I still recall
your final night
I said goodbye

Then sat and cried

Remembering now

You have died

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beside your Bedside

Beside your Bedside

I sat beside your bedside
wondering what to do
watching, waiting, hoping
for bittersweet peace

Beside your bedside
Final moments,
wrapped in sad despair
wanting an end for your
pain, not you

Beside your bedside
one final time, wanting to see you,
one last time
but you've gone

Beside your bedside
I sit, listening
to ear piercing
silence, once filled with your
gentle snore.

Beside your bedside
I hold your hand
wish you a safe journey
and raise a glass of beer

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beggar's Glimpse at Hope

Beggars wait at open portal
steal a meager glimpse of hope
apprehensive grasp

Princess Pretense glances with
blind eye, refusing sight
Seamstress Sally, chuckles, knowing
fools errand awaits

A cup of blindman's beggars chance
to fill the bed of knitted hope
awaiting life that passes by
as beggars they deny the light

Yet simple as the tin cup's chance
to hold the light in hope
not wait but fight
the beggar's might
as strong as life
sits strength beside
each beggar's cup
nor futile wish
as seamstress sewing

Not Weary Heart Nor Lifeless Use

Written by Elwood Jake
as a gift, to me

peace, descendant of passion
creature of the night
sits in despondent dark
flight's patho'er treeless

limbless frightenend plight
of weary heart such lifeless use
I look at her such blithe delight
why fly despondent in darkness sight

blind, not sure of righteous plight
this sad and lonely creature slight
oblique in troth of saddened
crueher of weary lifeless use
what to do for descendant passion
question asked in passion's stew
why should she sit in saddened hue
no colors bounding in her heart

no, oh damned and wretched thought
to rescue rides the crimson knight
I shall hold her hard and true
give her light and life's sweet chew

to gamble not in longer fret
this winsome darling charm that flew
o're useless limbless frightenend plight
not weary heart nor lifeless use

Monday, March 2, 2009

As Touched, My Soul, Ignites

You make my breasts await
the longing lips
of a hungry lover

You make my heart beat , then skip
looking for the tender touch of your
hand, on my skin

You make my mind melt
searching for your soul
seen through your eyes

You make my loins, contract
wanting to feel, awaken
and grasp your thrusts

You make my breath, catch
in anticipation
of love, as lust

As touched, My soul, ignites

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Truth Tellers Crucified

choice, once I had a choice
then fruited plains divided by heart
exceptions became adilpated adversity
where the mind and the soul
declined into some perverted black

swaths of crimson material
whipping my soul
convulsing thoughts
wishes for life aftergod’s
desire for thoughtless action
to deprive the creation of a species
made in his likeness
destined to sit in a shitter
surrounded by their feces
smelling the sweet aroma

the place where stand up
was not comedy but courage
and children grew to tall colors
of faith strength conviction
not abated breath
nor drugged countenance

sturdy trunked
not hand me down weeds
of societal rights and wrongs
truth tellers crucified
by nails,wretched taloned claws
me not you

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Love They Plied Secret Space

Collaborated by Elwood and Paula

A hum, a strum
nestled nicely against
the tender valley

Freely flowing, floral bouquet
applause apparent upon
linguistical lover

sugar plumbed plummeting
sweet sparkle dust
on certain spots
in certain twats
no thought required
to fill such desire

natural in nature
gentle oblige,
moans , whimpers, follow
in stride

in love they plied
secret space
a lull in time
to feed the mind
not starve such soft
yet tender stride

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Union of Perfection has a long Journey Ahead

When two like minds meet
shall we fear or celebrate
cerebral collision, brilliant abide
this union of perfection
has a journey long ahead
neither have the map
but compass's set
for mutual direction