Sunday, August 23, 2009

References, I need to see references

Written by Elwood Jake

references, i need to see references

would my soul do sir?
your soul, what do references have to do with such trifle
it is my heart sir
for the heart and the mind
they do live in the same place you know.

references, i need to see references

here, i have this small medalion
would that do sir indeed
the color purple is not
just a book i have heard
it said

references, i need to see references

would my soul do sir?
it would if i could hold it and fold it
as paper is said to do

references, i need to see references

i sir am told that folded souls
can make the need for those
that ask for such things as you do
sweet substitue for such as you require

referneces, i need to see references

oh lord i stand before you now
without but such
that made you me
i ask in simple, slight, pious tone
my references dear lord?

i left them on a field with friends
that did not wish to see me leave
but as you said so was it done
my soul my mind my heart
they stand before you now
such references that you ask
as i said you took me quick
so they dear lord lay sodden wet
on field that holds my comrades hearts

references, i need to see references

1 comment:

Paula and Elwood's Poetic Palace said...

LOVE is not nearly enough to get across what I feel for this write...
It's humble.. pure and simple, humble but not in the sense of "there before the grace" kind..

I have not papers to show my servitude, I've only the scars upon my mind, soul and heart sir. If these are not good enough to prove that I've been , done, seen.. then it is up to you to decide my fate...

Dear man, if we were in a speakeasy, and you were to come out with this.. "FUCK" would be an exclaimation of WOW..

I wish ole Chucky B were still here.. he would pour you four fingers of scotland's finest firewater ( yeah, I know, it's not distilled there) and sit in awe of YOU