Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Truth Tellers Crucified

choice, once I had a choice
then fruited plains divided by heart
exceptions became adilpated adversity
where the mind and the soul
declined into some perverted black

swaths of crimson material
whipping my soul
convulsing thoughts
wishes for life aftergod’s
desire for thoughtless action
to deprive the creation of a species
made in his likeness
destined to sit in a shitter
surrounded by their feces
smelling the sweet aroma

the place where stand up
was not comedy but courage
and children grew to tall colors
of faith strength conviction
not abated breath
nor drugged countenance

sturdy trunked
not hand me down weeds
of societal rights and wrongs
truth tellers crucified
by nails,wretched taloned claws
me not you

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Love They Plied Secret Space

Collaborated by Elwood and Paula

A hum, a strum
nestled nicely against
the tender valley

Freely flowing, floral bouquet
applause apparent upon
linguistical lover

sugar plumbed plummeting
sweet sparkle dust
on certain spots
in certain twats
no thought required
to fill such desire

natural in nature
gentle oblige,
moans , whimpers, follow
in stride

in love they plied
secret space
a lull in time
to feed the mind
not starve such soft
yet tender stride