Monday, April 23, 2007


To a woman who raised five girls and always had room in her heart and home for foster children, and made each feel as loved as the other..


For granted you were taken
Through our growing years
Caught up in our own lives
How well you hid your tears

Placing us before yourself
Our needs were always met
Sacrafices made daily
Your love we'd always get

I am myself because of you
Examples that you set
Putting others always first
Each felt they were your pet

With every knock on the door
Entered someone new in need
Room was made for just one more
How kind you are indeed

Never once did you complain
When times were tough for you
Your faith, it somehow held you up
And then you carried through

We never knew uncertainty
Felt luckier than some
For this is why my hero
Is you, my loving Mom

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Wonders of Life

Individual, as one
We are born
Touching lives as we go
Never to know our affect
on another, until removed
Desperate to find reason
For existence here
Why should we care?

The circle continues
Generations go on
Yet the first in order
Began the line
Heritage passed down
Traditions handed off
Wonder all the while
What if it stopped

Cease to exist
And the effects start to show
Just how much each brings
To the life of another
Who knows where you’d be
Had each not been there
To aid in each step
Adding to your being

Imagine who you’d be
Without each person
Who has entered your life
Touched you in some way
Helped you through and
Guided with love
Criticized to make you strong
Cried with you in pain

Each thing we do
No matter how small
Touches another in some way
Be careful with judgment
Be carefree with respect
For you never know
Who touches you
Until it’s too late