Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Following The Leader

Casting caution aside

to fulfill what the heart

cries and longs for ,lays

heavy on the mind

The heart chooses

whereand when.

The mind

simply follows

From Broken Spirit to Inner Peace

Have you ever pondered?

Not merely wondered


House taken by fire

Spouse lost desire


Dreaded disease

Lord help me please


Defenseless to harm

A broken arm


Some withdraw inward

While others simply inspire

When seeking perspective

Thoughts are elective


There are worse off than you


A breeze blows slightly

Sun glaring warm

My body is chilled

I feel you walk through

Your spirit hovers

I’ve felt you before

Calmness washes over

A sign you are here

A thought in my mind

Conjures your visit

You’re familiar to me

An image appears

You’ve wandered a bit

Silence surrounds me

Alone with you now

Your message is blurred

Signs left subliminally

Explained without ease

Struggling with senses

Suddenly you leave