Tuesday, November 10, 2009

While My Child Sleeps

Written by: the heart of AmandaLyn


I watch lovingly as my child sleeps
Wrapped in blankets warm, secure
Roof and shoes, bellies full.
Reality the calm disturbs
In dangerous and different world
Another son makes sacrifice
Soul or limb or still-young life
His mother waits in pride and fear
As my child sleeps.

Around this bed, in wispy realm
The souls of those who daily chore
To stand a watch, to lead patrol
To guard the weak, protect, defend
To stay the course until the end
As their children slept.

And what of those once there, now home
The horrors, torments they have known
Still borne by them, in dreams relived
For us endured, courageous fear
Now tossed aside, unheard, uncared
Still they cannot sleep.

Our nature true is eye for eye
Each baby born must some day die
But learned minds their cross to bear
To fight the fight not just for might
To earn the right, Before in
Ivory tower sleep.

Forgive me please, I beg of you
My words won’t salve tormented soul
Or broken hearts those mothers know
No peace of mind can I provide
Just deep respect and thankful prayer
I wish you peace and restful sleep

To you a promise I will make
This blanket comfort we will not take
For granted, he will know its source.
And if, dear God, he heads a call
That issues I hope from honest ivory hall
We both will trod in footsteps deep
Where slippers paced, where boots have trod
My head held high, in secret cry
As he, in fearful courage fights.

But until then, with blanket clutched
I’ll stand the watch, you have my back
As my child sleeps.

To All Who Served

Today and everyday, my heartfelt “Thank You” for all you gave, for all you braved and for the unquestioning pride which you served with.

You served with pride , reserved resolution

Full of courageous fear

Freedom you sought for faceless humanity

Some by force of a draft

Shipped out at night to land of unknown

Wearing prententious mask of bravado

Force of arms to kill, maim or scar

Creating memories you’d wish to forget

Often not questioning the voice of command

Some came home with medal awards

Others shipped back in a box

Limbs left behind as a token of hell

For a conflict not yours

Mission complete

Our business is done

Return to your life, as if

Come home to strange land

Deal with your haunting ghosts

We’ll give you a check

Send you off on your way

How do you come home and pick up the pieces

When life is no longer the same

Your blackboard of life won’t erase from your mind

Years have gone by in months at a time

“Who am I now” asked of self

Family and Friends know not of your fright

For they have not looked through your eyes