Friday, February 23, 2007

Whispers Above

Sorrow’s lasting grip, never gone
If this must be the way
I paint a portrait in my mind

Angelic glow permeates
Soundly sleeping on a cloud
Painless drifting above

A haunting ache remains
Your scent still fresh
Or is that a thought

Wishful wanting
Just one more time
One day, one hour

Would never be enough
For greed takes hold
The heart needs more

Sleep well, be safe

Monday, February 19, 2007


Majestic are your peaks
Never tire of your scene
Perfect backdrop to a photo
Emotionally serene

Snow gently wraps your shoulders
Like a shawl to keep you warm
Hikers in search of the ultimate
In the winter skiers swarm

When darkness falls upon you
The sky’s forever bright
Stars shine above your crest
Lending light into the night

Endless are your valleys
Respect I give to you
Each time I visit
I’m thankful for the view

Monday, February 12, 2007


Patty, this ones for you as a Thanks for always being there.

Always together
Even when apart
A bond so strong
Begins in the heart

Always knowing
You’re there for me
We support each other
When need be

Over the years
We’ve grown so much
Laughing and crying
You’ve been my crutch

I saw you through breakup
You saw me through pain
We take on life’s obstacles
You’ve kept me sane

We get only one go ‘round
This wonderful earth
No dollar value
Can measure your worth

A knowing smile
I understand your thoughts
Thanks for always being there
I love you Lots!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Oceans Roar

Your mist refreshes as you wave
Foam rolls upon my feet
Lovers strolling at your edge

Awestruck by your power
Respectful of your rage
Calming whispers echo

A resting place for those who lost
Their lives just off your shores
Silence reflects their graves

When life turns me inside out
I run to you for comfort
Relief comes instantly

No two bodies are the same
Yet the effect is exact
Inner peace is sought

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Gem

Hailey this ones for you. Don't ever change

Within you is a power
Yet still unknown to you
Turning tears to smiles
Believe me dear, it’s true

Angelic in your early days
Free spirited from birth
In awe of your creative ways
From day one upon this earth

Described to me in a word
Genuine, loving kind
Loyalty to all you love
Unbiased is your mind

Putting others always first
A true friend to all you know
When hearing others comment
It is I who gets to glow

Marching solo to your drum
Like a bird to be set free
Each day brings new adventure
I can hardly wait to see

A fraction of the originals
Our genes are what began
The wonderful person that you’ll become,
I’ve only lent a hand

I have many hopes and dreams for you
And pray both night and day
I do not fear your happiness
Because you have found your way

I thank you for your open heart
You’re valued more each day
I’m proud to call you daughter
No matter where you stray

Be anything you want to be
One thing I’ll ask of you
Let no one tell you what to do
To only you be true

Monday, February 5, 2007

In Time

Surprised by my reaction
I should be overjoyed
Sadness fills my mind

Much time has passed now
Wanting to share happiness
The tears flow freely

A beautiful occurrence
A natural part of life
Hits me like a brick

Sad and happy co-exist
My heart unsure how to feel
Pain I hide from all

Silently suffer alone
The wound re-opens
A little each time

Feelings so familiar
Subconscious takes over
I’ve no control

Selfish thoughts
Allow me some space
In a while, It’ll be fine

A Perfect World

A Perfect World
An unbiased heart of innocence
Sees the likeness of itself
In all humankind, regardless

A perfect place, pure harmony
All realize the world is free
To live ones life as we are born

No difference can be seen
All work towards the same
A peaceful existence

When a heart is pure
The mind is open
This is the earth

The doors are revolving
Enter if you please
Stay for a while

Someday the world will be
A balance of all people
Living as one kind, human