Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Gem

Hailey this ones for you. Don't ever change

Within you is a power
Yet still unknown to you
Turning tears to smiles
Believe me dear, it’s true

Angelic in your early days
Free spirited from birth
In awe of your creative ways
From day one upon this earth

Described to me in a word
Genuine, loving kind
Loyalty to all you love
Unbiased is your mind

Putting others always first
A true friend to all you know
When hearing others comment
It is I who gets to glow

Marching solo to your drum
Like a bird to be set free
Each day brings new adventure
I can hardly wait to see

A fraction of the originals
Our genes are what began
The wonderful person that you’ll become,
I’ve only lent a hand

I have many hopes and dreams for you
And pray both night and day
I do not fear your happiness
Because you have found your way

I thank you for your open heart
You’re valued more each day
I’m proud to call you daughter
No matter where you stray

Be anything you want to be
One thing I’ll ask of you
Let no one tell you what to do
To only you be true

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