Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Special thanks to my dear friend Paula

Just thought I would say here that it is an honor and a great pleasure to be invited, to be allowed to share my work with not only the closest of friends, but someone I greatly respect and admire. Not only for their art but for their kind and always honest thoughts. Thanks P-love from your boys-Elwood!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To Which I Defer

Passion’s delicate twist
some placed, disquiet
in her heart’s content

That acquiescent draught called love
Fraught with yes, palm held to my face
In annoyance, lust, not yet!
To wait, absentee ballots
never sent by never wills

To which I defer

Perhaps gentle abiding love

Not thrust of muscle unto her
Jest as speech does not replace
a passion never touched.

Upon Approach I Stopped

Written by : Elwood Jake

Upon approach I stopped
The bridge, narrow, apart,
destined to hold together sweet charities
Isthmus jardinière’, dead blooms

Dust winds blow against my heart
teeth fall, my flesh denude,
youthful lust turned to aged want
Mirrors sweep the trodden path

Shall I step upon this bridge
unwavering, yet to stand
in steps, not thoughts,
to immortal, mortal bond?

Or shall I stand in ghostly haunt
fervor, fear upon my heart?
Wish that time had been so dear
to leave me on this path in crime
not punished for such human kind?

Upon approach I stopped once more
The bridge, narrow, apart,
destined to hold sweet charities
Isthmus jardinière’, dead blooms?

The Beast has Risen

Written by : Elwood Jake

The Beast has risen
It rides upon an ugly wind
Black space quiet follows
where mountains stood in perilous gleam

She rolled to her lover
touched gentle breast
Sweet flower’s breath
on nipple set
in a garden of gentle weeds

Where rifles roar
to children’s screams
she ripped sweet gentle breast
spat blood on torrid weeds
yet spurred no growth on fruited plain

I sit with her this soundless beast
hold her gently, touch her eyes
wipe her red-blood tears

Do not cry light gentle one
children do abound
In numbers great
for our delight
to fertilize this fallow ground
that waits for your sweet red-blood tears