Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beggar's Glimpse at Hope

Beggars wait at open portal
steal a meager glimpse of hope
apprehensive grasp

Princess Pretense glances with
blind eye, refusing sight
Seamstress Sally, chuckles, knowing
fools errand awaits

A cup of blindman's beggars chance
to fill the bed of knitted hope
awaiting life that passes by
as beggars they deny the light

Yet simple as the tin cup's chance
to hold the light in hope
not wait but fight
the beggar's might
as strong as life
sits strength beside
each beggar's cup
nor futile wish
as seamstress sewing

Not Weary Heart Nor Lifeless Use

Written by Elwood Jake
as a gift, to me

peace, descendant of passion
creature of the night
sits in despondent dark
flight's patho'er treeless

limbless frightenend plight
of weary heart such lifeless use
I look at her such blithe delight
why fly despondent in darkness sight

blind, not sure of righteous plight
this sad and lonely creature slight
oblique in troth of saddened
crueher of weary lifeless use
what to do for descendant passion
question asked in passion's stew
why should she sit in saddened hue
no colors bounding in her heart

no, oh damned and wretched thought
to rescue rides the crimson knight
I shall hold her hard and true
give her light and life's sweet chew

to gamble not in longer fret
this winsome darling charm that flew
o're useless limbless frightenend plight
not weary heart nor lifeless use

Monday, March 2, 2009

As Touched, My Soul, Ignites

You make my breasts await
the longing lips
of a hungry lover

You make my heart beat , then skip
looking for the tender touch of your
hand, on my skin

You make my mind melt
searching for your soul
seen through your eyes

You make my loins, contract
wanting to feel, awaken
and grasp your thrusts

You make my breath, catch
in anticipation
of love, as lust

As touched, My soul, ignites