Monday, October 5, 2009

I'll Call Tomorrow

Casual friends , schoolyard mates
Almost related beyond the heart
Years and miles separate memories
Of laughter shared, yesterday
You come to mind often
I tell myself, “I should give Bill a call”
Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll find time
An article, you’ve done well
Military career, a wife, a child
Happiness spread across your face
Christmas cards sent, short notes penned
“How’ve you been? Where have you lived?”
Not enough of these catch up calls or notes
Telling myself, I’ll call tomorrow
A month of tomorrows turn into years
Today , I phone , ready to hear
What has taken place in your life
How’s your career, your kids, your wife?
“ I’m sorry to tell you, Bill’s passed away
He went in his sleep just yesterday”
How did this happen, too young and fit
I should have called that long ago tomorrow
I should have made time,
Before the sorrow
Forgive me friend, I know it don’t count
I thought of you often
I’d call ,


Anonymous said...

Lovely. I am sure he knows your heart. ((hugs))
the poem is perfect, personal, and from the heart.


Dimps said...

Very touchy...


megha singhal said...

Truly expressed