Friday, October 30, 2009

The Soul is but a Passing Tide

I remember that day
held the child close,
not just a hug
a part of me
I remember that day

Funny thing, the sun
up every morning
down at eve
ever try to hug the sun
I did, that day in may
those things held tight
don't let go,
you can ride your bike
no worries child you'll get it soon
there you go, you got it now

first days are much the same
school house strange
yet warm soft rooms
a hint of some strange smell in child
oh Lord don't let those days divide

as said before oft true and tried
the soul is but a passing tide
yet as we mourn that day divide
old sun rises sure as love's soft smile
down it goes in ever more
to find that child
hugged by the sun


Anonymous said...

Wow! Elwood, what an incredible poem. This is gentle and warm and deeply emotional, a wonderful gift to help bridge the gap between the here and the there. Thank you both for sharing it.

Paula and Elwood's Poetic Palace said...

Isn't he wonderful :)