Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To All Who Served

Today and everyday, my heartfelt “Thank You” for all you gave, for all you braved and for the unquestioning pride which you served with.

You served with pride , reserved resolution

Full of courageous fear

Freedom you sought for faceless humanity

Some by force of a draft

Shipped out at night to land of unknown

Wearing prententious mask of bravado

Force of arms to kill, maim or scar

Creating memories you’d wish to forget

Often not questioning the voice of command

Some came home with medal awards

Others shipped back in a box

Limbs left behind as a token of hell

For a conflict not yours

Mission complete

Our business is done

Return to your life, as if

Come home to strange land

Deal with your haunting ghosts

We’ll give you a check

Send you off on your way

How do you come home and pick up the pieces

When life is no longer the same

Your blackboard of life won’t erase from your mind

Years have gone by in months at a time

“Who am I now” asked of self

Family and Friends know not of your fright

For they have not looked through your eyes


Anonymous said...

An excellent Poem, P. We need to remember, every day.


Megha Singhal said...