Monday, August 18, 2008

Written by : Elwood Jake

Walk softly gentle Titans
that thrust my hope into the night
Where treacherous streams leave not sight
but simple fear,
eternal bond.

Grip soft dear heart your rocky road
that winds into the dark
Askew the thoughts of quick denial
no prurient twisted breeze
But storm of light that passes deep
within the heart of man’s quick pace
Guided by eternal “Grace”
she holds the hand of God’s embrace


Bea Sempere said...

Hello Dear Elwood,

This poem glides off the tongue and hugs the heart. I like it, Elwood. Thanks for sharing it.


kimmirich said...

So glad I found you and the loster!!! gonna link you in my blog, hugs

Paula and Elwood's Poetic Palace said...

Hey ToT, Kimmi

Welcome to the palace..
thank you for the link and the comments..

I'll be linking both of you to this site as well..

Paula & Elwood