Saturday, February 9, 2008

Above the Anger

A ghostly sight passes the mirror
Appearing tense ,tired, distraught
Chained by emotions
limbs weighted by thought

Giving power to the aggressor

A promise is made to reflection
Take control without fear
No longer be bound
Your freedom is near

Rising above

Lighter in spirit
Your reflection is proof
Let the heart feel forgiveness
No longer aloof

Peace has been found


Anonymous said...

I like how it begins with a bit of a Gothic vibe to it and transforms into such a positive message. It amazes me how optimistic your poetry is. I could never write like that.

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged!

You're invited to write a memoir in six words and pass it on.

Paula's Poetry said...

thank you for your kind comments and I think I thank you for the tag :)

six words, huh!! I'll give it a try..