Thursday, March 8, 2007

In Awe

I met a little boy today
He made me laugh and cry
His eyes they sparkled as he spoke
Now I wonder why

Those with little worries
Complain and whine the most
Yet this little wonder
Was such a perfect host

We spoke of sports and little things
Bike-riding and baseball too
Pitching, catching, fielding balls
There’s nothing he won’t do

Worry on his mother’s face
He’s weak and tired now
The only question on my mind
He smiles, happy. How?

You see this child is sick inside
Treatments fill his day
For lesser things most would fall
But that is not his way

I listen to him banter on
Planning far ahead
His dreams are of just one thing
To get up from his bed


Anonymous said...

How very sad and touching this one is. It is true how those who have the most reason to complain, simply don't.

Beautifully written and I look forward to more of your words.

Sari Ho-Gyen

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful and so touching.
Often those who are going through something so emotional, become an inspiration to all.

Nicely done!

Vanessa Munroe